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Monday, October 31, 2011

Fastest Way for Uninstalling Avg Security Application

Antivirus Support
Who knows the importance of security software better than me? I am a live victim of an online identity theft, which took place a couple of years back on my system. It really offended many resources of my company, and I kept blaming myself for such a longer period of time, as I never used to understand the importance of a quality antivirus software application in the past. But now, I have been using AVG security application since then, thanks to AVG help, everything is working flawlessly.
Due to some security reasons, I wanted to reinstall a latest version of my security software by deleting the older one last week. So, I removed that from my system’s control panel, but unfortunately, it was displaying an error message while initiating the removal process. Frankly speaking! I have very limited technical knowledge, but still tried to search troubleshooting steps from various websites and help applications, but my system’s issue still remained the same. It was disturbing! But, thanks to one of my friends, who is working as technical expert for a technical support service provider. He quickly understood the issue and downloaded an antivirus removal utility from one of the AVG support websites. He started the removing process with that *.exe file, and trust me folks! The security software was removed at a lightning fast speed. I finally realized that I should have called him on the same time, when I came across with the error, rather than scratching my head for a long time to resolve the issue.
But, I don’t want you guys to waste your valuable time on the same matter, so if some of you are encountering the same issues, the best fix will be to download an uninstallation utility from AVG’s website, which will completely remove this security software from your system.