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Monday, December 19, 2011

Good Hope from Bitdefender Rescue CD

Have you ever been in booting issues with your Windows 7-based laptop? What exactly comes to your mind when you are unable to access it through “Safe-Mode”, i.e. the easiest way? Well, this is a very dreaded situation, and God forbid that you have to handle the one.
Yesterday, the weekend, I was the biggest loser. What I couldn’t have considered in dream took away my computing passion by a jolt. In fact, I had planned to pull off all pending tasks. But when I restarted my Toshiba laptop all was over. It was not ready to boot at all. What I could see was the azure-screen with some text lines in white. I was shocked at the moment. I could not understand, ‘how it can happen?’ I restarted the system in vain to fix the problem.
Lastly, I decided to go for online computer repair. I navigated to a trusted site, took the number and dialed it from my phone. A technician took the ownership of my sick machine. After formal registration he instructed me to download an .iso image from a given link and create a Bitdefender Rescue CD. I did so, and that was the correct antidote. It helped me to repair the Windows 7 successfully.
Afterwards, the technician helped me to repair the corrupted Windows files. He also gave the detail of the problem accordingly to which the system files were corrupted on account of computer viruses. It was hard to believe but the fact was in front of me. I asked for the suggestion so as to check any malicious intrusions. He gave me a link, which was comparing features between the latest 2012 version of Bitdefender Internet Security and Bitdefender Total Security, the two reliable products.
After a brief review I contacted the expert again, so as to install Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 on my machine. He instructed me step-by-step to install and configure it.

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