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Monday, November 14, 2011

A Remarkable Experience of Getting Technical Help

It was a hectic day for me yesterday despite of coming back a little early from my office. Apart from doing a full time job for my organization, I am an active member of a social welfare organization, where my job is to send latest updates or events through Internet to the various users. I just wanted to finish my work quickly, as I was supposed to watch a movie with one of my friends that night. But, I did not know that I had to face some technical challenges associated with my PC that day. It was showing an error message, which stopped me to update the virus definition database of my security software, which is one of the most important measures to keep the data secure. I already heard lots of affirmative stories about the efficiency of Mcafee support, so finally dialed Mcafee number for obtaining technical assistance. Believe me guys, it was a remarkable experience I ever had from any of the technical support service providers till now. I just explained the issue to that skillful technician, and permitted him to establish a remote connection to my system. Trust me! He made quick modifications on my system, and it was back to normal within no time. He made me smile within minutes.
Mcafee help technicians are great in respect to issue resolution as well as talking over the phone, according to my personal experience, they believe in fixing the issue within one go, and make sure that the technical difficulty should not be repeated again, which really impressed me allot. I was overwhelmed with their fast response time, so I extended the warranty of my machine for another two years. Before selling me the extended warranty, the resolution expert educated me about all the benefits of the warranty and took the payment through a secure payment gateway. Now, I can proudly say that my system is protected against all the Internet threats.