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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Relieve Yourself from the Hitches of Uninstalling the Security Software

Is uninstalling antivirus software a rocket science? I kept asking myself this question for a longer period of time until my system’s issue was resolved. I have Norton Antivirus software installed on my system, and due to some modifications in my system’s data, I decided to uninstall antivirus from my system. I was in a bit hurry that day, so removed quickly and went out without even looking at its result, but, when I turned on my system in the morning again, it was showing an error messages, stating that auto protect feature cannot be activated.

I was surprised to see that, as despite of uninstalling the software from “Add/Remove” folder, it was generating an error message. But, on the other hand, it seemed to me that I did not remove antivirus software accurately. I am not a technical expert though, but I like resolving technical challenges on my own, and take them as a way of enhancing my technical skills. So, I goggled at a couple of technical support websites, and luckily found a resolution trick. However, the blog that I followed was made for technical experts only, but still I took a chance and followed its troubleshooting steps at my own risk.

I promptly followed the mentioned troubleshooting steps in that blog, and located the folder namely “Symantec Solutions”, which was present in the folder named as “Application” in the c: drive of my system. After that, I uninstalled various entries such as Norton Antivirus and Auto-Protect, which also asked me to supply administrator’s user-id and password. Next step was to restart my system, which quickly resolved the issue. I was overwhelmed by those troubleshooting steps, which were written in easy to understand language, and dint consume lots of time.

Moreover, I also educated about the same troubleshooting steps to some of my friends, who were encountering with the similar technical challenges associated with their antivirus security.