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Monday, November 7, 2011

The Skilled Technician Truly Helped Me to Come out Of My Laptop’s Virus Issue

Until that day I had no issue with my system ever. But, on that day I was travelling in a train, and was supposed to meet one of my customers for a business meeting. I am running a business of textile for years, and save most of my useful data such as images, presentations and other documents on my laptop, which are required for finalizing various deals. I was preparing my presentation that I had to deliver that day, but all of a sudden, I was encountered with a nasty message on my laptop’s screen stating “Your system is affected by a virus”.
I got nervous, and my head was spinning round and round, just like a whirlpool, and on top of that, I did not have antivirus installed on my system, which made the issue even worse. I tried to install some security software applications after reading numerous antivirus reviews on some of the technical websites, but there was no outcome. It was an emergency, as it could hamper my business too. So, I did not want to take a chance and immediately called one of the third party technical support service providers to get the issue resolved quickly. Trust me guys! Their antivirus support technicians work like magicians, and are equipped with highly advanced tools. One of their resolution experts, took a remote session of my system with my permission, and quickly installed free antivirus software on my laptop, and removed some of the hazardous viruses. After installation, he further configured it too, and was educating me about the same over the phone simultaneously. Apart from technical expertise, he was great in respect to communication, which helped me to make him understand my system’s issue with less time. Thanks to their Antivirus help department, as my system’s issue was properly handled, and started working even better than before. Cheers!