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Monday, December 19, 2011

Good Hope from Bitdefender Rescue CD

Have you ever been in booting issues with your Windows 7-based laptop? What exactly comes to your mind when you are unable to access it through “Safe-Mode”, i.e. the easiest way? Well, this is a very dreaded situation, and God forbid that you have to handle the one.
Yesterday, the weekend, I was the biggest loser. What I couldn’t have considered in dream took away my computing passion by a jolt. In fact, I had planned to pull off all pending tasks. But when I restarted my Toshiba laptop all was over. It was not ready to boot at all. What I could see was the azure-screen with some text lines in white. I was shocked at the moment. I could not understand, ‘how it can happen?’ I restarted the system in vain to fix the problem.
Lastly, I decided to go for online computer repair. I navigated to a trusted site, took the number and dialed it from my phone. A technician took the ownership of my sick machine. After formal registration he instructed me to download an .iso image from a given link and create a Bitdefender Rescue CD. I did so, and that was the correct antidote. It helped me to repair the Windows 7 successfully.
Afterwards, the technician helped me to repair the corrupted Windows files. He also gave the detail of the problem accordingly to which the system files were corrupted on account of computer viruses. It was hard to believe but the fact was in front of me. I asked for the suggestion so as to check any malicious intrusions. He gave me a link, which was comparing features between the latest 2012 version of Bitdefender Internet Security and Bitdefender Total Security, the two reliable products.
After a brief review I contacted the expert again, so as to install Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 on my machine. He instructed me step-by-step to install and configure it.

Techvedic deploys experienced technicians to cater on-demand technical support services in US, UK and Canada through the secure Internet connection. Techvedic’s support services cover all popular computer brands, software products, networking devices and security software.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Install avast! When Things Have Gone Out-of-Control

Last Sunday I was searching for security software to shield my old HP desktop. Though, I had heard much about the latest version of avast Internet Security 2012 but being a big skeptic I can’t take it for granted.
I navigated few online portals to find avast review information so as to know practical opinion of masses and testing agencies pertaining to this product. I found all reviews quite encouraging. I liked the avast! SafeZone feature much, which creates a virtual PC in the eyes of outsiders, and protect your real machine and its data against malicious attack. This is exceptional as it would help in safe and secure banking and shopping which is the new passion.
Being fully convinced I downloaded the free version (valid for 30 days), to install avast! Internet Security 2012 on my machine. All went smooth, and I was glad to perform the task well.
But the moment of happiness was not lasting. Soon I realized that I actually did a blunder and nothing else. The browser service terminated with the error: “This operation returned because the timeout period expired.” First of all I tried to resolve the issues by clearing Cookies Cache, resetting Internet Explorer Settings, and trying to access the Internet through different web browsers, but that didn’t serve the purpose.
Eventually, I contacted an antivirus support portal over the phone which was available over the Internet. A technician helped me to uninstall avast software using an uninstaller tool and then shipped it again. Also, he configured the software for automatic update and scheduled scanning. He gave me a demo on ‘how to use it to perform scanning’ when urgently required.

Techvedic deploys experienced technicians to cater on-demand technical support services in US, UK and Canada through the secure Internet connection. Techvedic’s support services cover all popular computer brands, software products, networking devices and security software.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bitdefender Internet Security: Taking Care Of Your Windows-based PC

 Concerned about privacy on social network? Right, you must be as it holds your contacts, e-mail addresses, pictures, and other sensitive data. Intruders may dupe you in many ways. You might have seen app developers asking you to reveal your privacy, and you may be asked to click “Allow” so as to give them a permission to access your basic info. Some messages can bring malware-laden PDF file, and may trick you by showing it to be from a legitimate source. It may ask you to reveal your personal information. Thus, life is becoming really petrifying, and unknowingly you may be trapped into scammers’ hoax.
Thanks to Bitdefender Internet Security and Bitdefender Total Security products, which have integrated Social Network Protection, a new feature to filter all your links shared from Facebook and Twitter friends. It monitors your privacy settings as well. Now don’t worry while sharing Wi-Fi connection at any public hotspot because you have the protection of Two-way Firewall.
Recall, situations or errors when Windows Files got corrupted, and you were unable to boot your machine. You had tried to use System Restore and run Recovery Console, but landed nowhere. Now, you can stand firm against such circumstances. You can repair your corrupted system software running the Bitdefender Rescue CD. Windows Repair process will start automatically as soon you change the BIOS boot settings.
These products have great compatibility with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and XP, so nothing to puzzle, even with the blue-screen error.

Techvedic deploys experienced technicians to cater on-demand technical support services in US, UK and Canada through the secure Internet connection. Techvedic’s support services cover all popular computer brands, software products, networking devices and security software.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

SonicWall Setup and Configuration, Through Bonjour Protocol

All of a sudden, my printer went offline from the network. I tried everything what I could do to make it work, but all in vain. It was the first instance, since it had been installed last year. It shocked me as I have had a strong faith that there can be nothing wrong with my Mac computer network.
I contacted Apple, but it reverted saying ‘a network issue prevails’, may be related to the network firewall, which in my case was SonicWall. I did no mistake to escalate the matter to the SonicWall Support. Fortunately, a technician picked the phone to entertain the issue. He took some basic information and asked for the remote access of my iMac desktop; I agreed. Later on, I was just watching his acts on the screen, and he meticulously fixed the printer accessibility issues.
He offered me the entire solution-steps on my mail-id, which was related to SonicWall setup and configuration, using Bonjour protocol. You may also follow as:
1. Enable “Multicast” on Multicast Tab and Disable “Require IGMP Membership reports for Multicast Data Forwarding”
2. Under Multicast Policies Select “Enable Reception of all Multicast Addresses”
3. And then Click “Apply”
4. Navigate Firewall -> Access “Rule” and select “WLAN to Multicast Zone” and create a access rule which looks like this:-
a. Action – Allow
b. From Zone – WLAN
c. To Zone – Multicast
d. Service - Any
e. Source – Any
f. Destination – Any
g. User Allowed – All
h. Click “OK”
5. Then go to Firewall -> Access “Rule” and select “WLAN to LAN Zone” and create a access rule which looks like this:-
a. Action – Allow
b. To Zone – LAN
c. Service - Any
d. Source – Any
e. Destination – Any
f. User Allowed – All
g. Click “OK”
Hope, you will find the SonicWall help useful too.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Complete Setup of My System on My Own

Last Sunday was a little hectic for me; as I spent half of my day, setting up my newly purchased system. I bought this beautiful piece of machine to stay connected with some of my relatives, who are living in different parts of this world. However, I am new to computers, but even then have a passion to resolve any of the technical issues on my own. At least, I give a try for sure, which I like about myself!

Luckily, I could perform the setup successfully with the help of a user guide, which was provided to me along with the system. Everything went on smoothly, as I was able to start and configure my system perfectly. I was overwhelmed, as I did everything on my own, without even consulting any technical specialist. I assuredly saved the setup fee for my system that I had to pay to some of the technicians for tweaking my system’s configuration.

Despite of possessing limited technical knowledge, I know that a virus is one of the deadliest enemies of a system, which could reduce the number of years from its lifespan. Keeping this in mind, the next step was to have a look on various security measures of my system, which could make it safer from those undesirable Internet attacks. After reading a few Avast reviews on the Internet, I was impressed by some of its features like e-mail protection, data security, encryption, data synchronization etc. I could also see the quick to follow steps to uninstall Avast, which is a little tricky in other security software applications. It was awesome!

Believe me guys! You can also install Avast antivirus within no time, as other than it’s highly rated security measures, it is powered with a user friendly framework that facilitated me to perform activation and setup at a supersonic speed.

Techvedic deploys experienced technicians to cater on-demand technical support services in US, UK and Canada through the secure Internet connection. Techvedic’s support services cover all popular computer brands, software products, networking devices and security software.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Relieve Yourself from the Hitches of Uninstalling the Security Software

Is uninstalling antivirus software a rocket science? I kept asking myself this question for a longer period of time until my system’s issue was resolved. I have Norton Antivirus software installed on my system, and due to some modifications in my system’s data, I decided to uninstall antivirus from my system. I was in a bit hurry that day, so removed quickly and went out without even looking at its result, but, when I turned on my system in the morning again, it was showing an error messages, stating that auto protect feature cannot be activated.

I was surprised to see that, as despite of uninstalling the software from “Add/Remove” folder, it was generating an error message. But, on the other hand, it seemed to me that I did not remove antivirus software accurately. I am not a technical expert though, but I like resolving technical challenges on my own, and take them as a way of enhancing my technical skills. So, I goggled at a couple of technical support websites, and luckily found a resolution trick. However, the blog that I followed was made for technical experts only, but still I took a chance and followed its troubleshooting steps at my own risk.

I promptly followed the mentioned troubleshooting steps in that blog, and located the folder namely “Symantec Solutions”, which was present in the folder named as “Application” in the c: drive of my system. After that, I uninstalled various entries such as Norton Antivirus and Auto-Protect, which also asked me to supply administrator’s user-id and password. Next step was to restart my system, which quickly resolved the issue. I was overwhelmed by those troubleshooting steps, which were written in easy to understand language, and dint consume lots of time.

Moreover, I also educated about the same troubleshooting steps to some of my friends, who were encountering with the similar technical challenges associated with their antivirus security.

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Remarkable Experience of Getting Technical Help

It was a hectic day for me yesterday despite of coming back a little early from my office. Apart from doing a full time job for my organization, I am an active member of a social welfare organization, where my job is to send latest updates or events through Internet to the various users. I just wanted to finish my work quickly, as I was supposed to watch a movie with one of my friends that night. But, I did not know that I had to face some technical challenges associated with my PC that day. It was showing an error message, which stopped me to update the virus definition database of my security software, which is one of the most important measures to keep the data secure. I already heard lots of affirmative stories about the efficiency of Mcafee support, so finally dialed Mcafee number for obtaining technical assistance. Believe me guys, it was a remarkable experience I ever had from any of the technical support service providers till now. I just explained the issue to that skillful technician, and permitted him to establish a remote connection to my system. Trust me! He made quick modifications on my system, and it was back to normal within no time. He made me smile within minutes.
Mcafee help technicians are great in respect to issue resolution as well as talking over the phone, according to my personal experience, they believe in fixing the issue within one go, and make sure that the technical difficulty should not be repeated again, which really impressed me allot. I was overwhelmed with their fast response time, so I extended the warranty of my machine for another two years. Before selling me the extended warranty, the resolution expert educated me about all the benefits of the warranty and took the payment through a secure payment gateway. Now, I can proudly say that my system is protected against all the Internet threats.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Skilled Technician Truly Helped Me to Come out Of My Laptop’s Virus Issue

Until that day I had no issue with my system ever. But, on that day I was travelling in a train, and was supposed to meet one of my customers for a business meeting. I am running a business of textile for years, and save most of my useful data such as images, presentations and other documents on my laptop, which are required for finalizing various deals. I was preparing my presentation that I had to deliver that day, but all of a sudden, I was encountered with a nasty message on my laptop’s screen stating “Your system is affected by a virus”.
I got nervous, and my head was spinning round and round, just like a whirlpool, and on top of that, I did not have antivirus installed on my system, which made the issue even worse. I tried to install some security software applications after reading numerous antivirus reviews on some of the technical websites, but there was no outcome. It was an emergency, as it could hamper my business too. So, I did not want to take a chance and immediately called one of the third party technical support service providers to get the issue resolved quickly. Trust me guys! Their antivirus support technicians work like magicians, and are equipped with highly advanced tools. One of their resolution experts, took a remote session of my system with my permission, and quickly installed free antivirus software on my laptop, and removed some of the hazardous viruses. After installation, he further configured it too, and was educating me about the same over the phone simultaneously. Apart from technical expertise, he was great in respect to communication, which helped me to make him understand my system’s issue with less time. Thanks to their Antivirus help department, as my system’s issue was properly handled, and started working even better than before. Cheers!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Fastest Way for Uninstalling Avg Security Application

Antivirus Support
Who knows the importance of security software better than me? I am a live victim of an online identity theft, which took place a couple of years back on my system. It really offended many resources of my company, and I kept blaming myself for such a longer period of time, as I never used to understand the importance of a quality antivirus software application in the past. But now, I have been using AVG security application since then, thanks to AVG help, everything is working flawlessly.
Due to some security reasons, I wanted to reinstall a latest version of my security software by deleting the older one last week. So, I removed that from my system’s control panel, but unfortunately, it was displaying an error message while initiating the removal process. Frankly speaking! I have very limited technical knowledge, but still tried to search troubleshooting steps from various websites and help applications, but my system’s issue still remained the same. It was disturbing! But, thanks to one of my friends, who is working as technical expert for a technical support service provider. He quickly understood the issue and downloaded an antivirus removal utility from one of the AVG support websites. He started the removing process with that *.exe file, and trust me folks! The security software was removed at a lightning fast speed. I finally realized that I should have called him on the same time, when I came across with the error, rather than scratching my head for a long time to resolve the issue.
But, I don’t want you guys to waste your valuable time on the same matter, so if some of you are encountering the same issues, the best fix will be to download an uninstallation utility from AVG’s website, which will completely remove this security software from your system.