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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beware of Rogue Security Software

It was a usual weekday, waking early, rushing to gym and turning back home, getting ready with a lightning fast speed, and then boarding the office cab to strike at the office cabin. Thank God I reached on time.

Still the fate had kept something else in the basket. I turned on my HP laptop to check about the daily assignments. I went through the Outlook, and was stuck at a mail, which was titled: “Get free virus removal tool”. It enticed me as I was looking for the same for the past few days. I clicked on the link, and it navigated to me a page asking certain information. I ran the file setup to scan my PC, and after a few minutes it came with a report mentioning various threats. Lastly, I clicked the “Fix” button.

I restated the system and was pretty happy to have been able to fix the long awaited problem. Oops! I was jolted, the machine was running even poor, and moreover the desktop was flooded with unusual icons. I was disgusted; I pulled up my colleague sitting in the adjacent cabin, to see what has gone wrong with the machine. He checked the status of the avast security software installed on the system. It had crossed the date of expiry; hence, the system was likely to be vulnerable. He asked, “Dude, have you installed something on it?” I simply nodded my head in negativity, but I had got the point and was reiterating actually. He might have read the situation, and then suggested me to go for avast support to seek experts’ help. He gave me the avast number, and I did no mistake. In a short I was connected with the avast help-desk. A technician took the hold of my PC, and manually removed all culprit soaked into the system software, later upgraded the avast software and asked me to restart the machine.

I did it, and everything was normal. Amazing avast help! I transacted the service charge on their payment portal, and resumed my work.

Now, I am committed to never go blindly on the lucrative offer through mail or other means, specifically when the concern is regarding security.

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