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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Install avast! When Things Have Gone Out-of-Control

Last Sunday I was searching for security software to shield my old HP desktop. Though, I had heard much about the latest version of avast Internet Security 2012 but being a big skeptic I can’t take it for granted.
I navigated few online portals to find avast review information so as to know practical opinion of masses and testing agencies pertaining to this product. I found all reviews quite encouraging. I liked the avast! SafeZone feature much, which creates a virtual PC in the eyes of outsiders, and protect your real machine and its data against malicious attack. This is exceptional as it would help in safe and secure banking and shopping which is the new passion.
Being fully convinced I downloaded the free version (valid for 30 days), to install avast! Internet Security 2012 on my machine. All went smooth, and I was glad to perform the task well.
But the moment of happiness was not lasting. Soon I realized that I actually did a blunder and nothing else. The browser service terminated with the error: “This operation returned because the timeout period expired.” First of all I tried to resolve the issues by clearing Cookies Cache, resetting Internet Explorer Settings, and trying to access the Internet through different web browsers, but that didn’t serve the purpose.
Eventually, I contacted an antivirus support portal over the phone which was available over the Internet. A technician helped me to uninstall avast software using an uninstaller tool and then shipped it again. Also, he configured the software for automatic update and scheduled scanning. He gave me a demo on ‘how to use it to perform scanning’ when urgently required.

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