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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

SonicWall Setup and Configuration, Through Bonjour Protocol

All of a sudden, my printer went offline from the network. I tried everything what I could do to make it work, but all in vain. It was the first instance, since it had been installed last year. It shocked me as I have had a strong faith that there can be nothing wrong with my Mac computer network.
I contacted Apple, but it reverted saying ‘a network issue prevails’, may be related to the network firewall, which in my case was SonicWall. I did no mistake to escalate the matter to the SonicWall Support. Fortunately, a technician picked the phone to entertain the issue. He took some basic information and asked for the remote access of my iMac desktop; I agreed. Later on, I was just watching his acts on the screen, and he meticulously fixed the printer accessibility issues.
He offered me the entire solution-steps on my mail-id, which was related to SonicWall setup and configuration, using Bonjour protocol. You may also follow as:
1. Enable “Multicast” on Multicast Tab and Disable “Require IGMP Membership reports for Multicast Data Forwarding”
2. Under Multicast Policies Select “Enable Reception of all Multicast Addresses”
3. And then Click “Apply”
4. Navigate Firewall -> Access “Rule” and select “WLAN to Multicast Zone” and create a access rule which looks like this:-
a. Action – Allow
b. From Zone – WLAN
c. To Zone – Multicast
d. Service - Any
e. Source – Any
f. Destination – Any
g. User Allowed – All
h. Click “OK”
5. Then go to Firewall -> Access “Rule” and select “WLAN to LAN Zone” and create a access rule which looks like this:-
a. Action – Allow
b. To Zone – LAN
c. Service - Any
d. Source – Any
e. Destination – Any
f. User Allowed – All
g. Click “OK”
Hope, you will find the SonicWall help useful too.